Why Employees Fail to Meet Performance Expectations

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Meet Vernon Williams, the author of

Why Employees Fail to Meet Performance Expectations & How to fix the problem

Vernon Williams brought to his book his work experience including two decades as a manager and over 10 years as a consultant to frontline managers.  In Performance Expectations, readers will discover the 20 most common causes of performance failures along with results-producing tips that are guaranteed to help readers eliminate them.

Learn how to recognize and eliminate the most common causes of performance failure.  Vernon Williams brings three decades of practical experience and makes what he has learned available to readers of this book.

Susan’s interview with Vernon Williams took place on December 11, 2008 for The TEAM Approach.

In this interview, Susan and Vernon discuss issues of accountability, SMARTER goals, job-fit issues, guidelines for giving effective feedback, workplace barriers, tapping into employee commitment, worker expectations, and understanding the subtleties of duty performance.

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The industry is increasingly becoming aware of the importance of work expectations in the employment relationship.  Learn more about the “psychological contract” between employer and employee and how to capitalize on its power through the use of the Work Expectations Profile available from The TEAM Approach.

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