Closing the Engagement Gap


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Meet Julie Gebauer and Don Lowman, the authors of

Closing the Engagement Gap: How Great Companies Unlock Employee Potential for Superior Results

Using real-world examples, the authors of Closing The Engagement Gap show that consistently better engagement really is possible and can deliver a huge impact to the bottom line.

Bookends is a virtual book club hosted by Susan Stamm and sponsored by The TEAM Approach.  Susan Stamm interviewed  Julie Gebauer to discuss Closing the Engagement Gap;  Julie is a coauthor.

When people are truly engaged in their work they give more “discretionary effort” and make a huge difference in their company. They ask, “What’s in it for us?” instead of “What’s in it for me?” Yet an engaged workforce is as rare as it is valuable.

Here is a ground-breaking global study–led by Julie Gebauer and Don Lowman of Towers Perrin–showing that most people are not engaged and don’t contribute as much value as they could. Not because they’re inherently lazy or apathetic, but because their companies and managers don’t know how to draw out the best from them. For instance, while pay and benefits are critical in attracting talent to a company, they have little effect on engagement. Instead, there are five proven ways to engage employees, including:

  • Grow them by helping them develop skills and Knowledge
  • Involve them by asking for input and delegating Authority
  • Reward them with recognition and advancement Opportunities

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