The Four Dimensional Manager

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Learn more about the four crucial dimensions of behavior that shape managerial effectiveness



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Meet Julie Straw, the author of

The Four Dimensional Manager

Successful managers work like coaches, assessing each person’s strengths and weaknesses and developing the best strateg1y to get the job done. The 4-Dimensional Manager shows how managers can become more effective by using the DiSC system.

Susan Stamm interviewed Julie Straw on April 23, 2008 for Bookends, a monthly, virtual, book club hosted by Susan Stamm and sponsored by The TEAM Approach.

“DiSC” stands for four communication styles:

  • Dominance (direct and decisive);
  • Influence (optimistic and outgoing);
  • Supportive (sympathetic and cooperative); and
  • Conscientious (concerned and correct).

In the book’s first part, readers assess their own style, the style of the people they manage, and the style of their organization. The second part shows how to choose the most effective style (or combination of styles) for any situation, focusing on seven key areas: delegating, decision making, problem solving, motivating, complimenting, giving constructive feedback, and developing skills.

Susan’s interview with Julie takes the listener through the key points in the book providing great background on the DiSC Model of Behavior and how to apply it in management relationships.

Listeners can join in a discussion of this book at LinkedIn. Search groups and join “Bookends: The Discussion.”

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