Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline

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Meet Daniel R. Tobin, author of

Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline: How to develop the next generation of leaders in small and mid-sized companies

Dan Tobin is a consultant on corporate learning strategies and leadership development programs, and a coach to corporate training directors.  Susan Stamm interviewed Dan on February 24, 2010 for Bookends Book Club, a service of The TEAM Approach.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the learning and development field, he has founded two corporate universities, served as vice president of design and development at the American Management Association, given keynotes and workshops on five continents, and written six books on corporate learning strategies.  His latest book, Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline: How to Develop the Next Generation of Leaders in Small to Mid-Sized Companies, was copublisher by ASTD and Berrett-Koehler several months ago.

Dan can be reached at danieltobin@att.net.  Visit his website at www.tobincls.com or the website for his newest book at http://nextgenerationofleaders.com.

With baby boomers hitting retirement age, every company faces an urgent need to develop the next generation of leaders.  Many large companies already have leadership development programs in place, but what about small to mid-sized companies facing the same talent crisis but without comparable resources?

Now these companies have a guide.  Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline provides a comprehensive blueprint for leadership development tailored to the needs and challenges of companies with fewer than five thousand employees.  Leadership development veteran Daniel Tobin takes you through the entire process of developing a cost-effective, accountable leadership development program. You will discover how to:

  • Identify high-potential talent
  • Define key leadership competencies in your company
  • Establish the four basic components of an effective leadership development program
  • Harness the power of mentoring and coaching
  • Evaluate program effectiveness
  • Calculate what it will cost in budgetary and staff resources.

Every chapter includes checklists, forms, tables, and other tools that can be used by any company to put Tobin’s seasoned advice into practice.

At out our Free Stuff pages, see the link above, you may access materials related to Dan’s book.  Then visit Dan’s website which features this book.

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