The Compromise Trap

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Meet Elizabeth Doty, the author of

The Compromise Trap: How to thrive at work without selling your soul

Elizabeth Doty offers a new approach: redefining the game. When you feel pressured to play by rules that undermine your integrity, Doty shows how you can tap into six personal foundations that will allow you to stay true to your deepest values and aspirations. Through more than fifty vivid firsthand accounts of compromise and courage in business, she provides guidance for anyone at any organizational level who wants to act with greater clarity, strength, and purpose, as well as for senior leaders striving to lead organizations that allow people to remain true to themselves. The Compromise Trap details a strategy that enables you to act as a positive force—for yourself and whatever you define as the greater good—no matter how difficult the circumstances.

On April 7, 2010, Susan Stamm interviewed Elizabeth Doty for Bookends Book Club, a service of The TEAM Approach.

Elizabeth Doty is a consultant, coach, and facilitator specializing in how people participate in large organizations while staying true to themselves and being a positive force – however they define those.

Since earning her MBA from Harvard and joining a re-engineering firm in 1991, Ms. Doty has both subscribed to the “official story” of business and lived through the contradictions and absurdities of everyday organizational life. Prior to business school, she worked in the hospitality industry, where she served as a manager for more than eleven years, mostly in four-star hotels.

In late 1993, Ms. Doty founded WorkLore, a consulting firm that partners with leaders and teams to help make their missions real — using story, systems thinking, and constructive conflict to untangle complex problems that hide gold mines of opportunity. Current and past clients include Intuit, Camp, Dresser, McKee, Stanford University, Skillsoft, Hewlett Packard, Archstone-Smith, and CTB/McGraw-Hill.

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