Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

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Meet Marilee Adams, the author of

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life

On September 24, 2010, Susan Stamm interviewed Marilee for Bookends Book Club, a service of The TEAM Approach.  In this interview, the participants explore the implications of how the questions we ask ourselves shape the nature of our experience of life, work and relationships.

The first edition of Marilee Adams’s book introduced a surprising, life-altering truth: any of us can literally change our lives simply by changing the questions we ask, especially those we ask ourselves. We can ask questions that open us to learning, connection, satisfaction, and success. Or we can ask questions that impede progress and keep us from getting results we want. Asking “What great things could happen today?” creates very different expectations, moods, and energy than asking “What could go wrong today?”

Many readers reported that they found themselves asking better questions before they even finished reading the book! This is the key insight that the book’s hero, Ben Knight, learns from his executive coach as the story of his transformative journey unfolds, eventually leading to breakthroughs that save his career as well as his marriage. His success rests on having become a “question man” and an inquiring leader rather than a judgmental, know-it-all answer man. In this extensively revised second edition, Adams has made the story even more illuminating and helpful, adding three new chapters as well as three powerful new tools. Change Your Questions, Change Your Life is practical yet simple, giving readers an entertaining, step-by-step guide to a technique that will transform their personal and professional lives. Great results really do begin with great questions – Marilee Adams shows you how to ask them!

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