Wondering how to apply the authors’ ideas to your situation?

Here are some suggestions . . .

Make use of our discussion guides

Many of the podcasts on our site have discussion guides designed to help you discuss an author’s issues with your team members. To discover which podcasts have discussion guides, look for this discussion guide image on the podcast page. Clicking it will bring you a pdf guide for that podcast.


Get a good team picture

One of the tools frequently discussed by authors is a collection of Wiley’s DiSC products. The TEAM Approach can help you master the multiple uses of these products through its DiSC certification process. To learn more about the certification process and when the next certification is scheduled click on the DiSC logo.

Pay attention to feedback

Among the best practices discussed by a number of the Bookends Book Club authors in the podcasts is the 360 feedback process. This tool, used by skilled facilitators, can help develop a manager or leader’s strength and identify areas where special attention can improve her/his productivity. Contact the TEAM Approach for more information.