Two Engagement Tools

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Meet Dick Axelrod, the author of

How to Engage People When You Don’t Have Time.

And meet the Peter Garber, author of

50 Activities for Employee Engagement

Two powerful tools for strengthening employee engagement become the focus of this edition of Book-ends.  Sponsored by The TEAM Approach, on March 24, 2009, Susan interviewed the authors of these workbooks:  Dick Axelrod and Peter Garber.  Both products stress high impact low cost techniques designed to enhance the workplace.

Dick Axelrod’s How to Engage People When You Don’t Have Time is an integrated double CD and workbook program which teaches the secrets of instant employee engagement and how to engage others even when there are many demands on you.  Using this Program Will Teach You:

  • Three rules of thumb that help you engage individuals and groups.
  • How to create interest in your ideas even when people are busy.
  • Identifying when disengagement occurs and how to turn it around.
  • How to transform long-winded presentations into conversations.
  • How to create meetings where no one looks at their smart phone.

Peter Garber’s 50 Activities for Employee Engagement is a three ring notebook containing six categories of activities from clarifying elements of engagement to exercising specific exercises which can be selected to address specific needs in an organization.  The exercises contained in this toolbox were created with the visual and kinetic thinker in mind.

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