Real Time Strategic Change

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Meet Robert W. Jacobs, the author of

Real Time Strategic Change

The most successful organizations of the future will be those that are capable of rapidly and effectively bringing about fundamental, lasting, system-wide changes.

Book-Ends is a virtual book club hosted by Susan Stamm and sponsored by The TEAM Approach.  On 21 August 2009, Susan interviewed  Robert Jacobs to discuss the evolution of Real Time Strategic Change.

Real time strategic change is a way of redesigning how organizations change-a mindset and accompanying methodology-that ensures that:

  • Change occurs at a fast pace and in real time throughout an organization.
  • Change occurs simultaneously within the whole organization.
  • Buy-in, commitment to, and ownership of a change effort is a natural by-product of involving people in the process of change.
  • People feel responsible for the ultimate success of the organization’s change effort.
  • Broad, whole-picture views of the organization’s reality form the basis of information used to support people in making changes.
  • Change is viewed as an integral component of people’s “real business.”
  • Substantial changes are made across an entire organization.

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