The Silent Language of Leaders

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Meet Carol Kinsey Goman, the author of

The Silent Language of Leaders – How body language can help – or hurt – how you lead

Carol Kinsey Goman’s book The Silent Language of Leaders, is a guide for using body language to lead more effectively.  In this podcast, Susan Stamm interviews Carol Kinsey Goman for The TEAM Approach.  They discuss several ideas found in the book as well as implications for application in business, personal lives, and politics.   Aspiring and seasoned leaders have been trained to manage their leadership communication in many important ways. And yet, all their efforts to communicate effectively can be derailed by even the smallest nonverbal gestures such as the way they sit in a business meeting or stand at the podium at a speaking engagement. In The Silent Language of Leaders, Goman explains that personal space, physical gestures, posture, facial expressions, and eye contact communicate louder than words and, thus, can be used strategically to help leaders manage, motivate, lead global teams, and communicate clearly in the digital age.

  • Draws on compelling psychological and neuroscience research to show leaders how to adjust their body language for maximum effect.
  • Stands out as the only book to address specifically how leaders can use body language to increase their effectiveness
  • Goman, a respected management coach, is widely considered as the expert in body language issues in the workplace

Carol Kinsey Goman, Ph.D., is an executive coach, management consultant, and keynote speaker for corporations, associations and government agencies and her clients include over 100 organizations in 24 countries. Through her firm Kinsey Consulting Services, she works with executives and senior managers, coaching them on leadership communication and the hidden impact of body language.

Carol is a faculty member for the Institute of Management Studies and has served as adjunct faculty at John F. Kennedy University in the International MBA program, at the University of California in the Executive Education Department, and for the Chamber of Commerce of the United States at their Institutes for Organization Management. The Silent Language of Leaders is Carol’s eleventh book, and she is a regular contributor to and the “On Leadership” column for The Washington Post. When she is not traveling the world as a speaker and consultant, Carol lives in Berkeley, California.

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