The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus

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Meet Charles Manz, the author of

The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus: Practical lessons for today

Charles Manz, Ph.D., is the Charles and Janet Nirenberg Professor of Business Leadership in the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts. Manz has served as a consultant for 3M, Ford, Motorola, Xerox, the Mayo Clinic, Procter & Gamble, General Motors, American Express, and many other organizations. He is the author of several books, including the bestselling The New SuperLeadership and Leadership Wisdom of Jesus.  On August 11, 2011, Susan Stamm engaged Charles Manz in a discussion of the key concepts emerging from Leadership Wisdom of Jesus.

  • New edition of the bestselling classic (over 75,000 copies sold and translated into eight languages)
  • Offers profound lessons in leadership for readers of any religious background
  • Updated throughout, with a new self-assessment chapter

The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus is for anyone who wants to become a wise and highly effective leader. It outlines a uniquely constructive and compassionate approach to leadership based on positive spiritual principles contained in the teachings of Jesus. Manz doesn’t look to these teachings to support preconceived theories of how to lead but explores the New Testament with an open mind to see what insights it reveals for today’s work world. What he finds are powerful lessons that will inspire you to maintain integrity, live on a higher plane, and ultimately achieve your personal and professional goals, no matter what your religious background.

This new edition is updated throughout and includes several new examples and a self- assessment chapter designed to encourage self-examination and personal reflection. Remarkably contemporary and welcoming to all readers, this book will challenge you to evaluate your own leadership style and to consider time-tested spiritual wisdom that can make you more enlightened and more effective.

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